Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jonatan Sersam

Göte Jonatan Sersam (b. 1986)

Jonatan began his serious composition studies in 2007 with Per-Ingvar Reuter in Helsingborg. Here he was taught the usage of counterpoint and orchestration and several pieces were performed, such as "Paviljongen", "Snösmältning -66" (With lyrics by swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer). After one year of studies, Jonatan entered Malmö Academy of music in 2008 to study arranging and composition with arranger Håkan Andersson. Here he personalized his style and the elements and experiences started coming together; even Jonatan blues-vein started reappearing, and the music is often emphasizing the rhythmical layer. After three years of studies of with Håkan Andersson, Jonatan proceeded with professor Rolf Martinsson. 

Jonatan is currently living in Bologna and studies at the conservatory for professor Gain Paolo Luppi. Jonatan is not only a composer, but also an active pianist and harmonica player.   

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